Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect my numbers?

If someone attempts to port your number, OnCall will immediately notify you and supply you with any supporting documentation that we receive from the foreign RespOrg. Within 48 hours of this notification you will need to advise us as to whether to allow the release or reject the release request.

Why do I need an independent RespOrg if my carrier provides RespOrg services for free?

The services OnCall provides protect our clients from self-interested carrier activities, including the prevention of Least Cost Routing, disaster recovery and inadvertent loss of your toll free numbers. We are independent and have only your interests in mind when we serve you.

Do you recommend carrier relationships?

No – We are truly independent and therefore will not make recommendations with respect to carrier services or relationships.

Can I afford your services?

Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of your toll free business and is extremely competitive. Please email or call us for a quote and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing and the services we provide.

Why doesn’t my carrier provide disaster recovery services?

It is not in a carrier’s best interest to provide multi-carrier disaster recovery services because that would cause a loss of revenue for the carrier. An independent RespOrg like OnCall has your interests at heart and has no financial motivation to protect anyone other than its customers.

How can a toll free number be used for outgoing telemarketing calls?

Toll free numbers cannot be used to make outgoing telemarketing calls. However, some companies illegally send toll free numbers to caller ID’s to mislead the recipient of the caller’s identity. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this is to contact the RespOrg that controls the toll free number and request that the practice be stopped.