Benefits of choosing OnCall

The Gold Standard for Independent Resporg Services



As an Independent RespOrg, we work for you. You have full control your toll free numbers. You choose the best mix of carrier services. You make routing decisions, allowing you to enhance your bottom line. OnCall is there to work with you to advise you on available services and alternatives and implement the decisions you make in an efficient manner. Service orders, trouble reports, mapping and remapping needs are handled swiftly and efficiently by experienced staff members who understand your needs and are there to deliver on your requests. Switching carriers is accomplished quickly and trouble free, without question or controversy, as you and you alone have complete control of your numbers. No longer will you be at the mercy of an underlying carrier who is in the business of keeping you on their network.


Cost Savings

The telecommunication network is robust and there are many opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies by utilizing multiple carrier services. For example, substantial savings can be achieved by utilizing Least Cost Routing protocols which route your calls to different carriers based on the call’s origination point, day of week, time of day and other factors. Because OnCall is an Independent RespOrg, we work with you to identify these cost savings opportunities and to ensure that you have the most effective mix of carrier services in place for each of your toll free numbers.


Disaster Recovery

OnCall can work with you to implement a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan using your alternative carrier(s). If your primary carrier goes down and can’t complete your calls, your traffic will be automatically and promptly re-routed to your designated alternative carrier(s) via your pre-defined routing plan established for you in the SMS system. We offer this service any time of day.

If you have multiple locations, you may also wish to consider defining an emergency routing plan to quickly re-route your toll free traffic to another facility should you experience technical problems or an emergency situation at your primary location. Again, OnCall can assist you in planning for this critical situation.


Toll Free Number Acquisition

We search and reserve toll free numbers for our clients every day of the week. Our standing policy is to put new numbers into service as quickly as they are identified and acquired. This process is typically measured in minutes, rather than days or weeks. In addition, we will assume RespOrg control of your existing toll free numbers, submitting change of RespOrg paperwork to the current controlling RespOrg. Once RespOrg control is acquired, OnCall will reroute your toll free traffic according to your instructions.



OnCall is your representative and advocate for toll free number assignment issues. All requests for changes in the assignment of your toll free numbers will be directed to OnCall. We are there to protect your toll free numbers from unauthorized efforts to change their assignment (“porting”). We alert you promptly of any such attempts. You will then have 48 hours to accept or reject the request. We actively watch out for you!



OnCall’s Independent RespOrg services are a remarkable value. In fact, even though OnCall provides far more service and security, our clients often pay less now than when their carrier was their RespOrg. How is this possible? If you are currently with a carrier RespOrg you are likely paying your carrier a “Monthly Recurring Charge” for each of your numbers of $1 – $5.

OnCall has a set of standard pricing models, which are available upon request, that are based primarily on the number of toll free numbers that a client maintains. Customer specific pricing is also available and allows us to offer a pricing model tailored to your specific service needs.

Specific questions concerning pricing, payment methods and billing procedures should be submitted via email to: