Our Company


Who we are

OnCall Resporg Services, LLC (“OnCall”) is an Independent Responsible Organization. For more than three decades, OnCall’s team has worked in all aspects of the telecom industry, both in the capacity of senior operating officers as well as outside legal counsel. During this time, we have witnessed first hand both the opportunities that toll free numbers can provide as well as the extraordinary and unnecessary risks that can arise from ceding RespOrg control of those numbers to your service provider. For these reasons, as operating officers, we have always taken advantage of third party RespOrgs and, as counsel, we have vigorously urged our clients to do so. OnCall was founded in 2005 to ensure that the full capabilities of the SMS system are available to toll free service subscribers through an Independent RespOrg who works to protect their best interests.


What we do

OnCall offers a variety of versatile, carrier routing arrangements for client owned toll free numbers using the full capabilities of the SMS 800 number control system. These routing arrangements include multi-carrier, time of day, origination specific data, percent traffic allocation and all other features available through the SMS system. Using the facilities of the SMS system, we assist our clients by creating Least Cost Routing schemes, assuring our clients the lowest possible costs associated with their toll free telecommunications services. Additionally, we protect our clients from unwanted attempts to seize control of or to redirect their toll free numbers. OnCall provides these services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, assuring timely response to all requests, both standard and in disaster recovery situations.


Why choose OnCall

As an Independent RespOrg, we work for you. OnCall is there to meet your toll free number service needs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our well trained staff is on a first name basis with each of our clients and we view the relationships we’ve built as our most valuable asset. We treat each of our clients with the professionalism and respect they deserve. As a result, there is little to no turnover in our client base. In addition, our client-oriented, flexible pricing models make us the most affordable option in the independent RespOrg industry. Since we have no carrier affiliations, there is no inherent conflict in assuring that your 800 numbers are routed in a way that is optimum for your bottom line.